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Make your trip in JAPAN more AMAZING

Hello, my name is Lucas, the owner of Studio Jade Japan(Jade日本撮影事務所)

If you love travelling, and Japanese culture, here is a good opportunity to make your trip even more interesting and unforgettable!

The part that Japan attracts me the most should be its "history", especially in where I live, Kyoto. Here you find architectures from over a thousand year ago, and people here still lives and dresses in the same way as the people did in the past as well. To see and feel the history really helps you understand their culture better. Also, if you can, do record those beautiful moment as well!

Thus, we decided to start the studio where you can dress kimonos, put on make up, then take you to the place you may love the most and take pictures for you.

Smartphone can surely record the moment you felt happy and special, but what we trying to do is to capture the moment when are you naturally having a deep connection with the place you travel while you are enjoying yourself.

Most importantly, we think it's not a bad idea to create some of your best moment in this very special place, like your proposal, or your pre-wedding photoshoot, or even your wedding! We promise to provide as much support as we can.

Our office is 5 mins walking distance away from the famous kyoto imperial palace, and it's convenient to go to famous spot like KIYOMIZU-DERA TEMPLE and Kinkaku-ji as well.

Email us to book a Kimono rental experience or a photo session.

We are looking forward to seeing you.


Studio Jade Japan



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